Marbella is one of Andalusia’s most intriguing destinations to visit. The city attracts tourists all year round due to its enviable position and environment. You will not be short of things to do in Marbella, an entire town like few others. It has fantastic nightlife, beautiful beaches, and a rich cultural legacy. This blog will inform you about 17 activities to do in Marbella, a popular tourist destination in southern Spain.


  1. Getting lost in the old town of Marbella

The historic and charming old town of Marbella is the city’s primary attraction. We usually think of its yachts and nightlife when we picture Marbella, but we rarely think about its old town. As a result, many tourists never get to discover it.

The old town of Marbella is another universe, with its ancient architecture and a maze of narrow cobblestone alleys filled with stores, art galleries, and charming restaurants. Get lost with your camera because visiting this town is one of the most incredible things to do in Marbella.


  1. Visit the Plaza de los Naranjos

Precisely in the centre of the old town of Marbella is the Plaza de Los Naranjos. This attractive square was built after the Christian Reconquest in the centre of urban life. Today, characterized by its orange trees, it is still essential for the people of Marbella. Inside there are several restaurants where you can enjoy the shade and the atmosphere.

The Plaza de Los Naranjos has two of the city’s most prominent structures: the majestic town hall, erected in 1572, and the Ermita de Santiago, Marbella’s oldest parish church. It was a mosque built after the Reconquest.


  1. Visiting the Church of the Incarnation

From the main monuments to visit in Marbella is another church, in this case, the Church of the Incarnation. After the Reconquest of Marbella, on June 11, 1485, the mosques were sacralized. This ancient mosque was immediately sanctified and became a place of Christian worship centuries before the remodelling was completed. It is believed that during the Arab period, it was the largest and most important mosque in Marbella.


  1. Photograph the picturesque Santo Cristo church

Another historic church in the old town is the Iglesia del Santo Cristo. It was built in the 16th century as part of a Franciscan convent. The facade of the church and the square in which it is located is very picturesque. Don’t hesitate to stop and enjoy its beauty.


  1. Meeting the walls of the Moorish castle of Marbella

Marbella still has a very present Moorish past. Today you can still see a piece of the old fortification that surrounded the city. This castle fortress is an important relic of Marbella’s Moorish civilization. The walls of the defence date from the tenth and eleventh centuries.

The towers and other remains of the building are also from the Moorish Caliphate period (from the 10th to 11th centuries). One of the main attractions of the monument is that you can attend several open-air concerts during the summer months.


  1. Stroll along the Avenida del Mar, a must to do in Marbella

This pleasant pedestrian promenade goes from Alameda Park to Venus Beach, one of the most beautiful in the city, next to the marina of Marbella. There you can stroll among palm trees and beautiful sculptures designed by Salvador Dalí. Don’t miss it!


  1. Relaxing in the Alameda Park

‘This park is the most famous in the city and is considered the lung of the city. It is located south of the old town and relaxing inside it is highly recommended in Marbella. It consists of marble walkways surrounded by elegant vegetation. In summer, the shade produced by its extensive trees can be your great ally.

In the same park is the beautiful fountain of the Virgen del Rocio, one of the park’s main attractions. Its benches are also a monument in itself. Some are covered with classic Andalusian tiles that give a special touch to the area.


  1. The Constitution Park

But the Alameda Park is not the only remarkable green space in Marbella. To its west is another oasis of calm. It is a complete and pleasant area to visit with beautiful trees, flowers, a children’s playground, an astronomical observatory, a cafeteria, and an open-air auditorium with 600 seats that hosts opera, theatre productions, concerts, and other cultural events, especially in summer.


  1. Cycle along the promenade at sunset

One of the best things to do in Marbella is to enjoy its excellent promenade. With the atmosphere mixed between locals and tourists at all hours, you can not fail to rent a bike and ride it until you reach Puerto Banus while enjoying a beautiful sunset.


  1. Moving to San Francisco by crossing the bridge over the Verde River

Precisely, crossing the promenade, you will find a rather curious bridge. Known for its wooden footbridge and its similarity to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (saving the distances), it crosses the Verde River, which has its mouth there.


  1. To know the most luxurious Marbella on the Golden Mile

If you want to breathe the wealth and elegance of Marbella, you have to walk along the Golden Mile. Here you will find the most exclusive residences, stores and restaurants in the city.


  1. Going out for a drink in Puerto Banús

Puerto Banus is the most well-known marina in Spain and one of the most prominent in the world. Aside from the spectacular boats and expensive cars anchored there, there are sophisticated restaurants and luxury boutiques. Furthermore, the region boasts a vibrant nightlife where you may party and have a drink.


  1. Take a picture of one of the postcards of Marbella

From Puerto Banús, you can take one of the most typical pictures of Marbella: the port with the yachts moored, with Marbella and La Concha in the background. Take your camera with you!


  1. Go for a hike, precisely, to La Concha

If you like hiking, this is one of the things to do in Marbella that you cannot miss. La Concha, which can be seen from almost anywhere in Marbella, belongs to the Sierra Blanca mountain range and is over 1200 meters high. From the top, you can see the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.


  1. To hallucinate with the Mosque of King Abdul Aziz al Saud

The Marbella Mosque was the first to be built since the Christian Reconquest of Spain in the 15th century. It was made by the Prince of Saudi Arabia and is a splendid example of modern Andalusian architecture inspired by Moorish heritage. The mosque is surrounded by Mediterranean gardens and contains 30,000 volumes, focusing on Koranic studies. It is not as spectacular as the one in Abu Dhabi, but it is well worth it.


  1. Spending the day at Cabopino Beach

One of the best beaches in the area is Cabopino. Surrounded by a grove of trees, its warm waters attract many people. In summer it gets crowded, so it is best to get up early to find parking near the beach. It has several beach bars where you can have a drink or eat.

  1. Sight Torre Ladrones

Located on Puerto de Cabopino, the Torre Ladrones is of Arab origin and was part of a defensive formation.