About Us

Chiringuito Los Espigones is one of the few restaurants open in Playa Nueva Andalucía. Chiringuito in Spanish is a Beach bar and Espigon meaning Breakwater. This is how Los Espigones (The Breakwaters) name came to live. The restaurant opened its doors in 1982 and since then we have a clientele of many years.

We are a family run restaurant offering great experiences and quality eatery to customers from almost all nationalities from different UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway,Ireland, Russia, Middle East, Spain, etc… for over 35 years.

It is a great honour to see how our customers know each other year after year and the pleasure of feeling that we are always waiting for them in a place where we do not consider them mere customers who pass through a restaurant, but treat them as friends who come to spend their holidays with us – Chiringuito en Marbella.

The restaurant is just right at beachfront with quite refreshing atmosphere providing food service to everyone looking for a place away from home. The is also a family friendly with great food for children and nearby come with activities and water sports, children free to enjoy playing in the sand and enjoy the sun while you sit back and enjoy.

Our Food

We are local and to make sure our customers enjoy a real taste of Spanish food this is why we source our products from local producers – best paella restaurant in Marbella. The idea was to create a fish and seafood restaurant. Because of demand from our long time clientele we have adapted to new trends adding additional menus but maintaining the restaurant original idea. From our menu we serve delicious Mediterranean delicacies from Seafood, Paella (Rice), Fish, Salads and added Meat and of course also offer a vegetarian menu.