Unlike other people where food has nothing to do with culture, Spanish people have a very unique culture that is closely tied to different menus. Thanks to the numerous cooks and chefs who have creatively came out with very unique recipes that has attracted people from different cultures of the world. Chiringuito Los Espigones is a restaurant of its kind that presents a number of Spanish cuisines. These cuisines are a true representation of Spanish culture. At Chiringuito Los Espigones, there are a number of things that you will get to realize or discover; you will discover that the food served is closely tied to Spanish culture. Here are some of the food in the menu and the description of culture laced with it.

Espaguetti Napolitana (Tomate)

This is a Spanish dish which was uniquely designed and improved by Spanish chefs. If we take a close look at its ingredients, you will certainly realize that it has a Spanish touch of culture. To prepare this particular dish, you need the following: spiral pasta, olive oil, diced onions, cloves garlic, tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh thyme and red wine. From these ingredients you will realize that red wine is one of the ingredients. That brings us back to Spanish culture. Spanish culture has an ancient historical culture of using red wine and other types of wine in almost all of its cuisines and that is the reason why most of the dishes at Chiringuito Los Espigones has a secret ingredient which is red wine and other types of wine.

What does red wine represent in Spanish food and culture?

Red wine is a symbol of posterity, class and it is mostly used I most of the dishes to enhance dish quality. When wine is used, it means that such a food is special and meant for a King but Spanish culture respected everyone just as they could respect a King. Red wine is also very important as it makes the food such as meat chunks tender and crispy if need be. As for the preparation of Spaghetti Napolitana, the main element is the spiral pasta and the red wine is basically used to enhance the flavor. This is basically because wine is a brewed with precision aimed at achieving fines and flavor.

Pasta is also closely tied to Spanish culture

Wherever you go and meet Spanish people, you will never fail to appreciate their culture of pasts making, tasting and seasoning. Pasta is very common in Spanish and speaks a lot about their traditions. Visitors from other parts of the world have an idea of Spanish pasta but unless they come to Chiringuito Los Ecpigones for food and wine; they may never discover the best pasta anywhere else.

Wine is also an important Spanish culture at Chiringuito Los Espigones

Have you ever been given an opportunity to enjoy various types of wines? If not, then don’t forget to taste the available types of wines when you can. Dining with wine is part of Spanish culture and it is from doing so that you will experience a breath taking dining experience, fine cuisine and serene atmosphere.