Marbella sounds like a Spanish name and yes it is a place or city located in Spain. Such a name sounds special and one cannot help it but think that it is a very serene place to be. Yes, your guess is right; it a tourist destination where that is located on southern Spain and within Costa del Sol. This is also part of Andalusia regions. The good environment being enjoyed by Marbella is a contribution by the Blanca Mountains which stretches its slopes to meet the Mediterranean beaches. These beaches are what various villas and hotels and even golf courses are found. From a distance, towards the west, you will not fail to spot a number of prestigious nightclubs as well as luxury yachted docked at the coastal area.

Amazingly, Chiringuito Espigones is located in this particular spot and this place as well. If you are locating Chiringuito Espigones, then all you need to do is use your google maps and it will lead you to Playa Nueva Andalucía Marbella. The exact address of this restaurant is Playa Nueva Andalucía S/N, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Malaga, 29660. Spain. Once in this place, you will not help it but always burn with desires to visit places that you have never been. Since the place is located at a beachfront and beautiful when viewed from a distance, you need to be aware of things to do around Marbella.

Never miss delicious Spanish food at Chiriguito Espigones

This is one of the restaurants where you will get to experience a variety of Spanish dishes which also represents Spanish culture. While in this restaurant, can order starters and main dishes such as the Croquetas de Pollo, Espaguetti Napolitana with Tomatoes and Queso Manchego. This is the right place also if you have been looking for a place that will give you answers regarding the relationship between Spanish culture and their foods. Don’t forget that you will be presented with list of wine as well.

Take a stroll at the Marbella town streets

Marbella town is a true definition of Spanish culture as the streets is full of restaurants that specializes in Spanish cuisine. Other than what Chiringuito Espigones presents, you will get to experience other types of delicacies and this will make you day especially after roaming the endless Marbella street that is lined with cafes and restaurants.

Families fun at Themed Parks

Staying at the Chiringuito Espigones all day after your food may not be the right thing to do. With that idea at hand, it is very important for you to consider visiting the Themed Park. This is where you will get the amusement you need for your families. Got to bounce at the floating park and have fun and also keep memories about it.

Let your feet kiss the sandy beaches of Marbella coast

Marbella is characterized by more than 10 kilometer stress of coasts that form conspicuous beaches. Here you can swim, build sandy beach castles and even play beach soccer and don’t forget to have wine at that coastal restaurants. As soon as you are full with food Spanish food at the Chiringuito Espigones, where you can relax on a sunbed all day.