Spain has a lot to proffer to its visitors. Among of the really watched out features of this European country are the excellent beaches and sands, bullfights, and who can ever leave out the popular flamenco dancing? Spain is nestled in the Moroccan region which is distinctly filled with rolling hills, sundry of landscapes and sceneries, and the varied architectural designs which stand as the watched out items.


Moreover, it is but proper to note of the prehistoric cave paintings, remnants of the ancient castles, the Gothic and Renaissance churches, and of course—the palaces which became the home of the Moors. With these things mentioned, there is not the slightest doubt that Spain is indeed a perfect choice for a European luxury vacation.


Until this moment, the Spanish kingdoms such as Valencia, Navarra, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Munich, Valencia, and many more are set apart from each other. They differ in terms of their arts, cuisine specialty, language, and culture. This is among the finest reasons as to why the nation is a must-visit. Furthermore, there are still a hundred and one grounds that should prompt you to pick Spain as a travel destination. Read on and be guided with your choices.


What are the highlights of this European country?


Spain is endowed with the breath-taking beaches and coasts. The beaches located in Galicia, Malaga, Cantabria, Huelva, Almeria, La Manga, and then Euskadi provide a captivating atmosphere for the people who love the sun and the water. For more choices of fully developed beach resorts, you can travel a little farther towards Costa de la Luz and Costa del Sol. These beach comfort zones are similarly flooded with clubs and bars wherein you can spend the night away.


The magnificent view of the countryside will never limit you of the supply of fresh and rejuvenating air. Wildlife parks, trekking pathways, and holiday themed avenues are spread out in the country.


Exemplary buildings are also among the trademarks of Spain. In here you can take a glimpse of the exceptional structures particularly in the boundaries of Salamanca, Granada, Cordoba, Toledo, and Madrid.


Aragon provides a safe and enjoyable trekking route. Skiing resorts and hiking tracks can be enjoyed best in Andalucía and Granada. Caving can be most exhilarating in Guadix and Baza.


The Spanish inhabitants bear a distinct cultural heritage. These folks are known for being broad-minded, amiable, and straightforward. They usually flock in Madrid and Barcelona. They welcome guests and new acquaintances in their own homes for at least a cup of coffee. Their leisure moments are often spent in their home’s living rooms.


When is the best time to tour Spain?


Ideally, the months of April to June and September to October are just right for beach and island hopping. If this is the activity that you have in mind, better not visit the country in the months of July to August and December to February.


What are the merriments that can be looked forward to?


The carnival festivals are often held in the months of February and March. The sites which particularly hold the colourful celebrations are Tenerife, Madrid, Barcelona, and Sitges.


The Las Fallas is a fun-filled one-week long street party celebration done in Valencia in the month of March.


Being a Catholic district, Holy Week is revered with parade, procession, and music.


The Feria de Abril, on the other hand, is celebrated in Seville in April whereas the month of July is reserved for Pamplona’s thrilling bull running.


When it comes to their cuisine, you can always expect for more. The Spanish dishes are flavourful. Taste the chorizo, Gazpacho, and Paella.


After your holiday, you can certainly say that you’ve had a wonderful Spanish-themed European vacation.